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What is the true value of time?

  How do you value your time? In the world we live today, time is often measured  with money. You are paid by the hour, or your monthly salary is counted by the hours you work. Of course, we all need the money to pay bills and rent or a mortgage. But this thinking might take us in the wrong direction. That is not the true value of our time. That is only how society sees the worth of your work. Sometimes that worth is seen as very valuable, and sometimes not. No matter what, you own your time. And for you and your loved ones, your time is the most precious thing in the world.  Education It seems that the more you invest your time in the beginning and study to become highly qualified, the more society is willing to pay for your time. Here is the catch: It is YOU, who can choose and do whatever you want to do with your time. And you can change your mind. Society and grown-ups put certain pressure on us when we are adolescence. And for certain, before we turn 20 years of age, there is no w

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