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Structural Training

Have you ever stopped to connect with your body while exercising? If you do that every time, great job! However, that's not always the case, and even Personal Trainers may assume that everyone knows how to exercise correctly. But, every body is unique, and we all have different aches and pains. Therefore, we must learn to train our bodies accordingly. First, we must start with the basics. Our body consists of bones, joints, tendons, muscles, cartilages, veins, and organs, each having their own function and place. Proper alignment is essential, but due to everyday wear and tear, our posture may adapt to poor work ergonomics and habitual slouching. So, we must correct ourselves during exercise. The first thing we should check is how our spine is aligned and if our thorax is open. Lifting our head from the neck and opening our thorax by lifting the solar plexus allows our shoulders to sink naturally into their sockets. However, often we tend to pull our shoulders back, which misplaces

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